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West Kirby Bonfire

A really great night out in West Kirby. Fireworks and a proper bonfire. View more on my personal blog.

A walk by the marina

Just an old shot from West Kirby. I’m running a bit low on shots at the moment and I have a large series I’m sitting on awaiting permission to post. Its a bit annoying as I’m itching to post them. I should have plenty by […]

Its a sign

This is a sign post at West Kirby Marine Lake. I guess it could be hard for people to make out and that might make them feel like the image doesn’t work because they don’t know what that odd blob on a poll is. Unfortunately […]

Inside out

This was my entry for the Talk Photography “Inside” photo competition. It’s not really the best of ideas and it was taken on the last day a few hours before the deadline so it is quite a stretch. It’s “inside” looking out.