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Liverpool overhead railway carriage

This is the last surviving carriage from Liverpool’s overhead railway. This week its being installed at the new Museum of Liverpool. The overhead railway was the worlds first electrically-operated overhead railway. It opened in 1893 and closed in 1956. Its one of those things I wish I could have travelled on.

This is the first object to be installed at the new Museum of Liverpool.



It was rather foggy yesterday so I took advantage of it and went fishing for photos. I didn’t want to do the usual cliches of foggy woods, vanishing points and silhouetted figures in 19th century settings so I went to Birkenhead docks. Admittedly I did take one or two vanishing point type photos of the bridges but no silhouetted figures from Dickens novels. The ferry in this picture, afaik, is permanently there. I tried to isolate the ferry against the fog but then decided there was no real point to it. My initial thought was “Ew look at those porta-cabins ruining the shot.” However after a few minutes I realised that they made the shot. There’s this lovely iconic ferry sitting there in this really nasty looking spot. Poor Snowdrop. That ferry should be seen against the Liverpool skyline not here.

QE2 from a ferry

I’m in a QE2 mood again after finding some shots that I quite liked but never posted. The ferry was packed that day, all day as it really took you up close to the QE2. In other news, I’m officially off my rocker. Next Wednesday, 17th October, I am giving a talk on HDR and photoblogging at the Open-Eye gallery in Liverpool. I feel that I should give a talk on what I do, but I’m a little nervous to say the least. Its an hour long talk… After there will be a trip to a local bar for an informal chat so its a good night out, as long as you’re not speaking *ahem*.

QE2 in Liverpool – Reprocessed

The other day I posted a photo that I felt I rushed. The feedback I received confirmed that. So I decided to take my time and reprocess it. I toned down the HDR and skipped on the sunset filter. To show the difference I’m going to link to the original direct from camera image. You can see that HDR’ing the image has brought out more colour in the clouds but also increased the orange tint to the buildings. I reduced that and desaturated the boats to make them white again.