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Wheel ride at sunset – II

Wheel ride at sunset - II

There’s just something about this and the previous shot that I like. It was a cold day and I really like the way the sun light warms each carriage. Tomorrow will be the final wheel shot of the Liverpool One wheel. Then a quick taste of the new wheel at the Echo Arena before every other photographer in Liverpool has turned every angle into a cliche, and next week’s feature is the new Museum of Liverpool. I’ve been lucky enough to walk round inside with my 14mm lens on.

The Iron Men of Crosby

The Iron Men of Crosby

Over the years Anthony Gormley’s “Another Place” has turned into a bit of a cliche. Take his Ironmen, add sunset, bit of HDR and tada. I’ve done it. Most people on Flickr have. This photo hasn’t had HDR applied but its a bit of a cliche. How can I be sure? Well both Brian and Sam took almost the same photo as I did while we were there. There goes my unique take on it ;)