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Jubilee Street Party in Wallasey

Monday, 4th June. On the appropriately named Queensway in Wallasey a community closed the street and came together in celebration of the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. This really was a massive street party. I spoke with the organiser Reg who, while being a […]

The Olympic Torch Relay in Merseyside

Friday saw the Olympic Torch Relay arrive on the Wirral. I was in two minds about seeing it. On the one hand it is simply a guy holding a flaming bit of metal. Having been bombarded by adverts with athletes holding Subway sandwiches, showing off […]

Egg run portraits

Every year the Egg Run sees thousands of bikers journey from New Brighton to Clatterbridge Hospital to raise money for children’s ward. Traditionally Easter Eggs were delivered but in recent years they’ve received over 3,000 eggs so they prefer donations. In 2008 they have raised […]

Post Liverpool Marathon update

On 9th October 2011 I ran the Liverpool Marathon for the RNLI. It was an experience like no other. If you’ve been following my progress over the past few months you will know that it hasn’t been easy. After my first 15 mile run I […]

New Brighton RNLI Hovercraft

I’m running the Liverpool Marathon on 9th October this year. I’m raising money for the RNLI and you can donate on Just Giving. I hope to raise over £1,000. As part of my fundraising I plan to document the people I’m hoping the help, namely […]