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Poppies: Weeping Window at St Georges Hall

The Weeping Window is a small scale version of the Poppies that were featured at the Tower of London earlier this year. While it’s on a smaller scale it’s still incredibly beautiful and moving, especially at dusk. The way the colour of the poppies compliments and also contrasts with the stone of St Georges Hall. It’s stunning.

The display is on untilĀ 17 January, 2016.

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LIMF 2015 Day 1

The Liverpool International Music Festival, LIMF, is warming up for August Bank Holiday. Last night saw the first major event in the shape of a tribute to Gil Scott-Heron with Aswad, the Christians, Sophia Ben-Yousef, Talib Kweli and the brilliant Craig Charles. I do love that we have these epic spaces for music events in the city.

The festival is huge with events on all the way through to Monday night. I’m covering a lot of it along with Mark McNulty so stay tuned to our sites for coverage over the weekend.

LIMF-2015-8471-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8670-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8665-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7471-pete-carr LIMF-2015-6921-pete-carr LIMF-2015-6990-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7195-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8767-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8733-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8283-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7430-pete-carr

The Giants return to Liverpool

They’re back! The Giants have returned to Liverpool. The Giants first came to Liverpool back in 2012 and it was the highlight of my career. Easily the most incredible event I’ve ever witnessed and photographed. Giants roaming the streets of not only the city centre but also North Liverpool. I loved that it was outside the city centre. The sight of people opening their doors and seeing a 60ft giant walk past was nothing short of amazing. Imagine being able to tell your kids about that!

Today saw the Grandma magically appear inside St Georges Hall asleep in her bed. Talk about your beautiful bedrooms. There were also flash mobs around the city centre. The big event kicks off on Friday morning around St Georges Hall and the Birkenhead Tunnel. More details can be found on the Giants website.

I will of course be out and about with my cameras. I’m on the official team which is nothing short of thrilling and humbling.