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Liverpool skyline

Architecture, Black-and-White 16 Feb 15

I don’t think I’ve ever seen light like this. One giant spotlight on the ferry. Crazy.

Liverpool skyline last week

Landscapes, Liverpool 7 Apr 14

This is my doorstep. I never get bored of looking “over the water”. Bit of a Family Guy joke there ;) Here’s to a great week ahead.

The World in Liverpool

Ships 18 Jul 13

The World has been described as the largest private yacht on the planet. It’s entirely privately owned and basically goes where ever it wants. It’s more like a floating apartment complex than cruise ship. Some people live there while others just visit, like a summer house in Spain. It certainly sounds surreal living on a […]

Fred Olsen Cruise returns to Liverpool

Client work, Liverpool, Ships 23 Apr 13

Good to see Fred Olsen return to the city, and a great day to start the cruise year off with. I’d quite like to sail into Liverpool on a cruise ship one day. Must be quite a sight.