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A very big catwalk in Liverpool

6 weeks ago Cunard and Cruise Liverpool opened ‘One Magnificent City’. 6 weeks of events including Light Night, Look/15, and of course 3 Queens. The summer events came to a conclusion this weekend with a Very Big Catwalk. The aim was to beat the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Models on a Catwalk’ and they did it too. 3,651 models walked down the catwalk on Saturday. *cough* me included *cough*

The Cunard cruise ship Queen Mary 2 made a great backdrop for the event and of course she sailed away after a spectacular firework show.

It was warm and sunny and I had a lovely day documenting behind the scenes. Well done to Culture Liverpool and the wonderful team at Cruise Liverpool for producing such a spectacular series of events.

Transatlantic-QM2-4069-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-3870-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-3898-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4150-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4229-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4315-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4325-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4372-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4390-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4399-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4419-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4449-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4469-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4473-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4494-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4567-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-5731-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-5880-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4634-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4651-pete-carr

3 Queens Liverpool – Day 3

This was it. The big moment when the 3 Cunard liners Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary 2 all sailed down the Mersey. I’ve been waiting to see this for years. It’s what I’ve been working towards over 8 years at the Cruise Terminal. Iconic moments. History. The biggest maritime event I’ve seen in my lifetime on the Mersey. I imagine we won’t see anything like it for another 25 years when it’s Cunard’s 200th birthday. I’ll be 61 by then.

The day exceeded my expectations. The Red Arrows! Seeing the Biennial’s Dazzle Ferry in amongst it all. So many lovely little bits. Here’s some photos of them.

3Queens-Monday-5272-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-5260-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-5257-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-9013-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-5193-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-5128-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8968-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8971-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8936-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8956-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-4964-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8923-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8769-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday--pano3-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8768-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-pano1-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-4781-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-4814-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8549-pete-carr 3Queens-Monday-8594-pete-carr

3 Queens Liverpool – Day 2

The second day of the 3 Queens event in Liverpool saw the arrival of Cunard liner Queen Mary 2 (QM2). There was street theatre to entertain the crowds during the day and the evening saw the stunning projection ‘Amazing Graces’ on the three graces followed by fireworks over the river.

3Queens-Sunday-4374-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3733-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3767-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3822-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3879-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3989-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-4064-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-4348-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8078-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8116-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8157-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8198-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8218-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8246-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8321-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8412-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8425-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8440-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8477-pete-carr

8 years of Cunard liners in Liverpool

In 2007 the Liverpool Cruise Liner terminal opened with a visit from the Cunard cruise liner the QE2, a ship from my childhood. When the QE2 first came to Liverpool, in 1990, I was there to see it. My parents and I hung out with some photographer friends at the Egremont Ferry pub. It was an experience I’ll never forget.Read More

Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool

Queen Mary 2 in the Liverpool Bay. It was great to see this giant ship on the horizon getting closer and closer. The weather was incredible. Glorious sunshine and no wind. The Mersey was beautifully calm. I tried a bit of videoing with my D90 to capture the fireworks and the departure of the QM2. It’s really not as polished as the photos but it captures something the photos do not, sound. You can hear the deep bellow of the QM2’s horn but more importantly you can hear the crowd. I’ve never heard the crowd cheer as loudly as they did the other night. Maybe it was because “You’ll never walk alone” was playing or maybe it was because everyone was having a fantastic time due to the warm weather, the great fireworks and the excellent atmosphere. All I know is that there was a huge crowd down there cheering as this giant ship left Liverpool. That was really something.

qm2-liverpool-2269 qm2-liverpool-9240 qm2-liverpool-9416