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I miss the ferry

It’s been 2 months since I moved my studio from a space in Liverpool to a space in my house and because of that I rarely get the ferry any more. I think I need to do Ferry Friday or something. Have one day a week when I work from a cafe in Liverpool because I do miss the walk to the ferry and the ride over. It’s not such an issue this time of year because with the clocks changing we lose the amazing sunrise / sunsets and the ferry gets busier. Those winter months though. They’re the absolute best.

The clocks have changed

It’s that annoying time of year where the clocks have gone forward. Sunset at 6:30pm is now sunset at 7:30pm. Sunrise, for the time being is back to an ok time at around 7am. For me it’s annoying because I know I’ve lost that beautiful morning light while taking the ferry into town. During the winter sunrise can be at 8:20am. I get this amazing walk to the ferry with all the colours and that crisp winter air. But soon the sun will be ridiculously high in the sky and producing dull average light.

I’m mainly annoyed that I haven’t carried my Hasselblad much over the winter to use on the ferry. It’s a great camera to use, though a bit of a bugger to lug around. So I’m annoyed with myself for not carrying it and I now have to wait 6 months for the good light to return.

So for now here’s some I took about a year ago.

Dazzle Ferry – Everybody Razzle Dazzle

The Dazzle Ferry is a collaboration between the Biennial, Tate Liverpool, Mersey Maritime Museum, Mersey Ferries and Sir Peter Blake. It’s a working example of a dazzle ship.

Last year the Biennial launched the Dazzle Ship Edmund Gardner, a static example of a dazzle ship in the dry dock by the Museum of Liverpool. The Dazzle Ferry is a fully working ship and will be sailing until December 2016. How awesome is that? You can now razzle dazzle ferry across the Mersey.

You have to see the ferry in action. It’s beautiful and absolutely crazy. Take a trip on it too. If you go during commuter hours, before 9:30am, you can get a return ticket for less than £3. Do it. Dec 2016 will come around sooner than you think and I just know I’m going to miss this ship on the Mersey when it goes in for a paint job. I’ll commute the fudge out of it until then. It’s the best way of getting to the studio and I’m also working on a project about the ferry. More of that later.

Sir Peter Blake
Sir Peter Blake

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