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Salford Quays

Fun place to shoot. I haven’t done any architectural photography there for a few years. These are older photos from when Media City was still being constructed. This is a mental note to myself to go there and play.

salford-quays-CRW_1024 salford-quays-IMG_3256 salford-quays-DSC_7678-Edit salford-quays-DSC_7679

Manchester Day Parade

I was commissioned to photograph the Manchester Day Parade. I don’t visit Manchester all that often so it was nice to be there, especially on a lovely warm sunny day. It’s great to see huge community events like these.

Looping the Loop at Salford Quays

Looping the Loop, Salford Quays, 20th May 2012. Manchester officially welcomed the Olympic Torch to the UK with a stunning event at Salford Quays. Fireworks rained from the Lowry bridge as it rose above the canal while acrobats danced above in large rings. It was spectacular. I’ve never seen the bridge rise before so this was something else. Brought to you by the amazing Walk the Plank, who will be doing something even more incredible in one weeks time in Chester as the Olympic Torch comes to town. I can’t wait.

Christmas shopping

A simple shot of people walking around Manchester Christmas market holding mugs of hot chocolate or mulled wine. The odd thing is the couple behind the mug holders. They appear to be doing a sort of ‘Invasion of the bodysnatchers’ style stance. I’m not sure whats going on there.