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Lumiere London

I thought it would be nice to end the week with some pretty pictures so here’s a series I produced while in London earlier this year. Created by Artichoke, Lumiere London sees all sorts of interesting light installations around the city. It’s a big 4 day event and you’ll easily need 3 days to really take them all in. We just about managed. It was nice to see locals The Lantern Company there too.

I think my highlight was Waterlicht. It felt like I was back in Iceland watching the aurora, except with a thousand Instagrammers. But still, oddly calming.

The Barbican in London

I’ve been to the Barbican once or twice over the years. It’s a hugely fascinating place. It feels like you step out of London and into something else completely different. A brutalist self contained city. It’s a strangely beautiful arrangement of concrete, trees and random humans. I imagine you could spend days there taking photos.Read More

London morning

I don’t know if these are really any good or not. There’s a certain something to them but that may simply be a reminder of someone’s work that actually is good. They are just people walking around streets type photos. The kind I’m not usually fond of. They tick the boxes. Light bounced off building to illuminate people, tick. On a street, tick. People, tick. But what am I saying? What’s going on here? I dunno. Is there anything really to them other than I thought the light was fun to play with so I took a few photos? Is that enough?

Photographing people on the streets is easy. Photographing an actual moment with good light and composition is bloody hard. Often you go out and take other people’s photos. You see them and think it’s good but it’s simply an echo of really good work.

Well here they are any way. I’m getting them out the way before getting to the good photos from the past few weeks.

london-street-6808 london-street-6797 london-street-6794 london-street-6792 london-street-6793 london-street-6798 london-street-6800 london-street-6801 london-street-6804