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New York Diary Day 6

We wake up to this incredible view from our hotel window. I told Hampton Hotel I was a photographer and they gave us a great view. It never failed to disappoint. Though I’m not sure what the buildings are in the photo, other than One World Trade Centre.

We had a bit more of a chilled out day planned. A trip to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, Dumbo and then One World Trade Centre.

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New York Diary – Day 5

Day 5 in NYC. Our first full day going to Manhattan from Brooklyn and our first go on the subway which is a never ending source of interesting people.

Our day started at the Flatiron Building. It’s home to the Daily Bugle and basically just a cool looking building. I’ve wanted to see it for years. Oddly I never noticed the 3 ripples in the side before. We turn around and there’s the Empire State Building. Nice. Read More

New York Diary – Day 4

This was our last day at our Central Park hotel. It was very expensive so we treated ourselves to Christmas in Manhattan and New Year in Brooklyn. Today was moving day.

But first we got up early. Real early. I found out that the Snap Spectacle popup store would be open while we were in town and not only that but literally over the road from our hotel. So we got up crazy early and queued outside the store around 6am or so. When the store opened they were giving out time-slots not glasses. We went and got breakfast to kill some time.Read More

New York Diary – Day 3

Our 3rd day in NYC and it’s Christmas. We wake up to a beautiful crisp winter morning with the light bouncing off buildings and the brown tones of Central Park’s trees. As a treat we have room service for breakfast. It’s expensive but it is Christmas morning and we’re opting for a simple day. It’s my first Christmas without parents. At 38 when you’ve spent the past 10 years wondering if this would be their last Christmas and then it is… It’s just never the same again. It was a magical time that my parents gifted me with as a child. Now? This is why we are in NYC. I’m not dealing with what Christmas is any more this year. This year we’re exploring New York. I’m taking in the view and it’s an amazing view.

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Bluedot Festival 2017

At aged 38 Bluedot was the first festival I stayed over at. I have social anxiety and the thought of being “trapped” in a confined area with 5,000 unknown equations has always scared me. If you know me it may seem odd me saying that as I’ve been photographing big events, festivals, gigs, the arts for over 10 years. I love photographing events. The difference there is that’s photographer me. He’s way better at dealing with social anxiety than regular human me. I guess my camera is a security blanket camera. Things get awkward and I dive into the viewfinder looking for photos. But I couldn’t do that at Bluedot because my wife and I were going for the full weekend and I was attempting to be human, which meant less photography and more “dancing”. Naturally I took a camera because, well, just scroll down and I’d have hated to have missed out on those moments. Socially anxious sure, but I do enjoy photographing events like this. Read More

NYC Diary – Day 2

Christmas Eve. New York City. Our first full day in the Big Apple. We spent time getting our bearings and exploring a few blocks around the hotel. It didn’t help that it was raining. We wanted to explore but man was it raining.

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