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The cruise ship Deutschland docked in Liverpool today but unfortunately it wasn’t a nice morning. Most of the ships that have docked here this year have had gloriously sunny days. This made getting a nice shot of it tricky. I like to get morning shots as the light is on the ship but today was overcast. So I decided to have a play and tried some good old infrared photography. Annoyingly the technique can lead to a hot spot in the image but its not that bad on this one.

Happy Birthday Liverpool

Today Liverpool is 800 years old. Thats pretty cool. I had planned to get up at 5am and shoot the sunrise but I felt I needed the sleep for the 800 project instead. I awoke to find its raining so I’m glad I chose sleep. I wanted this shot to feel like it could have been taken at Liverpool’s last birthday, although the Liver Building wasn’t completed untill 1911 so its a little off.

A different Sefton Park

Yesterday I found that my shiny 24-70 is apparently good for IR. So off to the park I went. What I found was that its not bad for IR. I’ve still got a bit of tweaking to do as its been 2 years since I did any infrared work but it has potential.

Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland

Yes this is a repost of a shot I posted about 15 months ago. This is an Infra-red photo taken using a Hoya R72 Infra-red filter on a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. I found this is the best combination with a Canon camera for getting the lovely white leaves effect you get on IR photos. There are a few reasons for the repost. Firstly because its one week to Christmas and as such I will be posting a Christmas themed image each day till then. As a bonus I will also be releasing each image as a wallpaper for your computer as a little thank you and early Christmas present.


The second reason for me posting this image is because I sold a print of it yesterday at the Arena Gallery Christmas art auction in Liverpool. I entered 3 shots and only the 3rd and final shot sold. I wasn’t really disappointed as it was a fun auction and thanks to the auctioneer I had a laugh. I recorded each item on my phone so you can hear what he had to say. It was hilarious. “HDR! What’s HDR? Oh High Dynamic Range. Just look at it, fantastic.” Hardly anyone’s work sold and he got that desperate he was pimping the frames, and even the back of some work. I got a bid on the Toronto sunset skyline image but only up to ��30. It was fun to meet the people who bought it afterwards. Nice couple. I also got to meet Ian Jackson and his wife of Art in Liverpool fame, and to thank them for the fantastic site. Such a resource for local artists.

Camera: Canon 10D // Flash Used: No // Focal Length: 50.0mm // Exposure Time: 25.000 s // Aperture: f/14.0 // ISO equiv: 400 // White Balance: Manual // Metering Mode: Matrix // Exposure Mode: Manual // Canon 50mm f/1.8

1207 – 2007 – Liverpool’s Grace

800 years of Liverpool

The 3 Graces are the iconic figures of Liverpool. People all over the world recognise them as a symbol of Liverpool, a symbol of everything Liverpool has achieved over the past 800 years. They see the Beatles, John Lennon, two football clubs, two cathedrals and most recently, they see a Capital of Culture like no other. For this photograph I wanted to create a feeling of a timeless Liverpool. A dark stormy day to show that no matter what Liverpool’s skyline, its 3 Graces, will always be standing as a symbol of a great city.

This photo is featured in the new Liverpool 2007 800th birthday calendar. The Culture Company asked for submissions from local artists to appear in the calendar. Obviously there were only 12 places and I’m sure competition was quite tough. I’m was so happy to be offered the month of March with this image. I sent them about 10 images in total and oddly this was my least favourite. It looks great in the final calendar.

Front cover Heritage Calendar Close of of the text