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2015 Liverpool Irish Festival

A year ago the Liverpool Irish Festival was revamped into a contemporary exploration of Irish culture. What does that really mean? Well, and this is the part that makes everyone go “Huh?”, they had Irish hip-hop this year. Irish. Hip. Hop. Yup. Two guys, two mics and a DJ dropping a beat. Best gig of the event imho. Rusangano Family had *so* much energy. It was crazy.

They also had these things called the “Meta-perceptual helmets”. Basically they were steampunk-esque chrome helmets that allowed the wearer to see the world like certain animals. They had a cat, giraffe, hammerhead shark, a gecko and a horse. Quite a fascinating experience. The gecko let you see both front and back. Hard to wrap your head around.

Other events included whiskey tasting, ceilis, Irish food, a big exhibition at the Bluecoat by Niamh O’Malley, a movie Q&A with Terri Hooley and Stuart Bailie and lots of live music. Basically it was a cracking festival with tons of variety. As the official photographer for the festival I got to see some fantastic events. Here’s some highlights.

LivIrishFest-9242-pete-carr LivIrishFest-9019-pete-carr LivIrishFest-meta-perception-5072-pete-carr LivIrishFest-Helmets-9452-pete-carr LivIrishFest-1886-pete-carr LivIrishFest-Sea-Legs-7987-pete-carr LivIrishFest-0621-pete-carr LivIrishFest-0718-pete-carr LivIrishFest-1432-pete-carr LivIrishFest-1746-pete-carr LivIrishFest-5858-pete-carr LivIrishFest-6148-pete-carr LivIrishFest-7372-pete-carr LivIrishFest-7608-pete-carr LivIrishFest-7657-pete-carr LivIrishFest-7686-pete-carr LivIrishFest-8177-pete-carr LivIrishFest-8751-pete-carr LivIrishFest-MoL-8322-pete-carrLivIrishFest-Nothing-to-be-Done-8085-pete-carr LivIrishFest-1248-pete-carr LivIrishFest-0775-pete-carr

LIMF Summer Jam – Monday

Holy cow what a weekend. I think LIMF this year has felt a lot tighter. The Academy stage was wonderful and I think the loudest stage in town. Real strong vibes there. The Bandstand was just lovely as usual. If I had to pick a stage to camp out by with beer, food and mates it would be the It’s Liverpool stage. Constantly great. A real joy.

I’ve loved this years events. So much has happened. The tribute to Gill Scott-Heron just a few days ago feels like months ago. There’s been a lot going on since then.

I think my highlight was Space. I’ve got their albums and I was a big fan of their music back in the day. Songs like Neighbourhood, Female of the Spieces and You and me against the world. I loved those tracks. They’ve got a great feel to them with great lyrics. Unfortunately I never got around to seeing them play live so how great was it to be back stage photographing them? It. Was. Amazing. I know Echo and the Bunnymen where the festival headliners but for me Space won with The Real Thing a very close second.

Echo and the Bunnymen LIMF-2015-2123-pete-carrEcho and the Bunnymen Echo and the Bunnymen Echo and the Bunnymen SpaceRosenblume Space Space Space Space Space LIMF-2015-32-pete-carr Jalen Ngonda Apique Rae Morris Rae Morris LIMF-2015-0703-pete-carr Me and Deboe

LIMF – Bluebird at the Bluecoat

I’m not a Nashville country music kinda guy so I wasn’t aware of the Bluebird Cafe until last night. If I’m ever in town I’ll be stopping by. Last nights gig at the Bluecoat involved a spiritual recreation of the Bluebird cafe with beautiful music and conversation about music, creativity and life. I loved it. It was such an intimate heart warming gig. I learnt, or at least was reminded, that you need to stretch your “show up” muscle. That every “no” gets you one step closer to a “yes”. Most of all I learnt just how warm and soothing country music can be.

LIMF-2015-9562-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9752-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9694-pete-carr LIMF-2015-6695-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9648-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9669-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9644-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9544-pete-carr

LIMF DJs at the Palm House

LIMF 2nd night. As I said in my last post its great we have such amazing spaces for music. Some great DJs on last night. I was really hoping Norman ‘the cat’ Killen, who used DJ in the original Eric’s, would do a set. He didn’t but the main guys played some awesome tunes.

LIMF-2015-7969-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9251-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8861-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9304-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9429-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9395-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7848-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9198-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9103-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9009-pete-carr LIMF-2015-9005-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8964-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8923-pete-carr LIMF-2015-7630-pete-carr LIMF-2015-8839-pete-carr


Bank Holiday Monday Summer Jam at LIMFestival

The final day of LIMF. It rained. I don’t think anyone cared as the music kept on playing. Overall LIMF was a great few days. My highlights were definitely The Lightning Seeds playing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Seven Street’s ‘You Are Here’ piece with Bill Ryder Jones, Kof, Archangel, Moonwraith and Moongai.

limf-monday-pete-carr-sub-blue-6977 limf-monday-pete-carr-sophia-ben-yousef-1594 limf-monday-pete-carr-hoosiers-1683 limf-monday-pete-carr-1867 limf-monday-pete-carr-lemar-7085 limf-monday-pete-carr-2022 limf-monday-pete-carr-raleigh-ritchie-2054 limf-monday-pete-carr-raleigh-ritchie-2120 limf-monday-pete-carr-visitors-7173 limf-monday-pete-carr-rob-vincent-2325 limf-monday-pete-carr-rob-john-power-2390 limf-monday-pete-carr-rob-john-power-2416 limf-monday-pete-carr-jesse-boykins-2429 limf-monday-pete-carr-mike-badger-7318 limf-monday-pete-carr-the-farm-7443