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Liverpool Pride

I think this was my favourite year. The sun was shining and the sheer number of people who joined in on the march was huge! Previously I would have said that the Pride march of 2015 was my favourite. There was torrential rain but the energy of the crowd was intoxicating. I think this year had that feeling too but also with sun, which was nice. Read More

Baltic Bakehouse

Earlier this year I was commissioned with producing new photography for one of my favourite bakeries. While I had a studio in the Baltic Triangle Baltic Bakehouse was my go to place for bread, lunch and treats. I appreciated that they didn’t just do salted caramel brownies. They made interesting baked goods that I hadn’t had before. They also do the best bread and were doing so before it was super trendy. If you’re in the area you need to stop by. Read More

Bongos Bingo

Recently I was commissioned by Grazia to photograph an event at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool. The event is called Bongo’s Bingo and it’s bingo but not as you know.

The idea is you play bingo a bit as you’d expect but the prizes vary from giant teddy bears to boxes of Coco-pops. Every so often music kicks in and everyone dances. I’m making it sound tame. It’s just bingo with 90s music. It’s really not tame. It’s absolutely bonkers and a real assault on the senses. I had a migraine by the end of the night and could hardly see out of one eye. I’ve never had that from covering an event before. It’s proper bonkers.

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Zombies in Liverpool!

Zombies in Liverpool!

Last weekend zombies marched through Liverpool. Why? Who knows. It was a great thing to see and especially when they attacked Cafe Nero and John Lewis. The people at John Lewis weren’t impressed with the rampaging hoard and told them to leave. This is with the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8. How I love that lens. Sharper than my old Canon 24-70 f/2.8.

Liverpool city centre carnival

Liverpool city centre carnival

This was such a great thing to see. I’ve seen the Brouhaha parade many times and they always have a hint of a carnival feel to it, but Liverpool has needed a proper carnival and we got one. Some of the people I had already seen at the Brouhaha parade earlier and they were still dancing. Crowds lined the streets from Hardman St through Bold St to Concert Sq to Duke St and China Town. People were dancing, singing, and generally getting into the carnival mood. I’m not one to use flash as I prefer natural light, but I figured with it being after sunset I probably would need to take it. I’m glad I did. Though at 10mm I’m fairly sure I blinded at least half the parade. The carnival was setup by Liverpool Samba School.