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Are you depressed?

Old 31 Jan 08

Another of the a-ape. There are more of these appearing around town. Its pretty cool. I’ve always felt we need more public art like this to stop people and make them think.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Old 27 Jan 08

Liverpool is holding the main events for Holocaust Memorial Day this year. One event was called RESPECtacles. Thousands of glasses were donated to the exhibition from all over the world. It was quite a sight, no pun intended. You can see the scale of it on Mark McNulty’s site. Quite stunning.

In remembrance

Old 11 Nov 07

I’ve just been at the remembrance service in Liverpool. Annoyingly the 300,000 poppies their carpet bombed us with missed. I think that would have been a very dramatic photo.

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In Loving Memory of Hillsborough

Events, Stories 11 Jan 07

In Loving Memory