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Light Night

As always Light Night, an event run by a small team of amazing women, is the highlight of the year. It’s like 24hrs of incredible events squished into 6 hours. I spent most of Saturday resting after my 10km walk around the city with all my camera gear. I wouldn’t change a thing. As one of the official photographers I get to see a wide range of events. I saw music in the Picton Reading Room. Dancing in the Town Hall. Fire dancers on the steps of St Georges Hall. After all that excitement I got to relax at the Anglican Cathedral with a mesmerising light show.

This was my evening. Well done to the team for putting on such a great show.Read More

Bongos Bingo

Recently I was commissioned by Grazia to photograph an event at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool. The event is called Bongo’s Bingo and it’s bingo but not as you know.

The idea is you play bingo a bit as you’d expect but the prizes vary from giant teddy bears to boxes of Coco-pops. Every so often music kicks in and everyone dances. I’m making it sound tame. It’s just bingo with 90s music. It’s really not tame. It’s absolutely bonkers and a real assault on the senses. I had a migraine by the end of the night and could hardly see out of one eye. I’ve never had that from covering an event before. It’s proper bonkers.

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PC Dave Phillips funeral procession in Liverpool

On 5th October 2015 a PC Dave Phillips was killed by a car speeding off the motorway towards Wallasey. The news broke while we were having breakfast and it was shocking. It happened just down the road from where I live. It’s not every day that a police officer is killed here. In fact the last police officer to be killed in a criminal act was in 1981. PC Phillips death made the national news.

On the morning of the funeral I was sat in a cafe thinking “If I go, why am I going?” I have to remind myself why I take photos of events such as these some days. Why did I go? Its important to show what happened. It’s important to show how many people were there. It’s simply important.

To that end I created a video because photos alone can’t capture the mood on the day.

DSCF7728-pete-carr DSCF7735-pete-carr DSCF7739-pete-carr DSCF7742-pete-carr DSCF7743-pete-carr DSCF7746-pete-carr DSCF7749-pete-carr DSCF7753-pete-carr DSCF7755-pete-carr DSCF7757-pete-carr DSCF7758-pete-carr DSCF7764-pete-carr DSCF7766-pete-carr DSCF7771-pete-carr DSCF7772-pete-carr DSCF7788-pete-carr DSCF7789-pete-carr DSCF7791-pete-carr

2015 Liverpool Irish Festival

A year ago the Liverpool Irish Festival was revamped into a contemporary exploration of Irish culture. What does that really mean? Well, and this is the part that makes everyone go “Huh?”, they had Irish hip-hop this year. Irish. Hip. Hop. Yup. Two guys, two mics and a DJ dropping a beat. Best gig of the event imho. Rusangano Family had *so* much energy. It was crazy.

They also had these things called the “Meta-perceptual helmets”. Basically they were steampunk-esque chrome helmets that allowed the wearer to see the world like certain animals. They had a cat, giraffe, hammerhead shark, a gecko and a horse. Quite a fascinating experience. The gecko let you see both front and back. Hard to wrap your head around.

Other events included whiskey tasting, ceilis, Irish food, a big exhibition at the Bluecoat by Niamh O’Malley, a movie Q&A with Terri Hooley and Stuart Bailie and lots of live music. Basically it was a cracking festival with tons of variety. As the official photographer for the festival I got to see some fantastic events. Here’s some highlights.

LivIrishFest-9242-pete-carr LivIrishFest-9019-pete-carr LivIrishFest-meta-perception-5072-pete-carr LivIrishFest-Helmets-9452-pete-carr LivIrishFest-1886-pete-carr LivIrishFest-Sea-Legs-7987-pete-carr LivIrishFest-0621-pete-carr LivIrishFest-0718-pete-carr LivIrishFest-1432-pete-carr LivIrishFest-1746-pete-carr LivIrishFest-5858-pete-carr LivIrishFest-6148-pete-carr LivIrishFest-7372-pete-carr LivIrishFest-7608-pete-carr LivIrishFest-7657-pete-carr LivIrishFest-7686-pete-carr LivIrishFest-8177-pete-carr LivIrishFest-8751-pete-carr LivIrishFest-MoL-8322-pete-carrLivIrishFest-Nothing-to-be-Done-8085-pete-carr LivIrishFest-1248-pete-carr LivIrishFest-0775-pete-carr

A very big catwalk in Liverpool

6 weeks ago Cunard and Cruise Liverpool opened ‘One Magnificent City’. 6 weeks of events including Light Night, Look/15, and of course 3 Queens. The summer events came to a conclusion this weekend with a Very Big Catwalk. The aim was to beat the Guinness World Record for ‘Most Models on a Catwalk’ and they did it too. 3,651 models walked down the catwalk on Saturday. *cough* me included *cough*

The Cunard cruise ship Queen Mary 2 made a great backdrop for the event and of course she sailed away after a spectacular firework show.

It was warm and sunny and I had a lovely day documenting behind the scenes. Well done to Culture Liverpool and the wonderful team at Cruise Liverpool for producing such a spectacular series of events.

Transatlantic-QM2-4069-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-3870-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-3898-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4150-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4229-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4315-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4325-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4372-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4390-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4399-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4419-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4449-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4469-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4473-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4494-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4567-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-5731-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-5880-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4634-pete-carr Very-Big-Catwalk-Liverpool-4651-pete-carr

3 Queens Liverpool – Day 2

The second day of the 3 Queens event in Liverpool saw the arrival of Cunard liner Queen Mary 2 (QM2). There was street theatre to entertain the crowds during the day and the evening saw the stunning projection ‘Amazing Graces’ on the three graces followed by fireworks over the river.

3Queens-Sunday-4374-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3733-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3767-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3822-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3879-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-3989-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-4064-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-4348-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8078-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8116-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8157-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8198-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8218-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8246-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8321-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8412-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8425-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8440-pete-carr 3Queens-Sunday-8477-pete-carr