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Viking ship Dragon Harald Fairhair in Wirral

Ships 18 Jul 14

The largest Viking longship built in modern times arrived in Wirral yesterday. I’ve had a connection to Vikings ever since I was a kid. I grew up in Thingwall. As I’m sure you know *ahem* Thingwall comes from the phrase for Viking meeting place, Ă¾ing vollr. As kids our headmaster once marched us from the […]

Pod 3

Architecture, Black-and-White, Old 14 Jul 07

This is a slightly wider angle on yesterday’s Pod 2. I’m off to the Hub Festival in a bit and its actually sunny! I just hope I get some good photos.

Pod 2

Architecture, Black-and-White, Old 13 Jul 07

This is inside Canada Dock in Liverpool. I’d love to go exploring round there. Theres so many black and white photos waiting to be taken.