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London morning

I don’t know if these are really any good or not. There’s a certain something to them but that may simply be a reminder of someone’s work that actually is good. They are just people walking around streets type photos. The kind I’m not usually fond of. They tick the boxes. Light bounced off building to illuminate people, tick. On a street, tick. People, tick. But what am I saying? What’s going on here? I dunno. Is there anything really to them other than I thought the light was fun to play with so I took a few photos? Is that enough?

Photographing people on the streets is easy. Photographing an actual moment with good light and composition is bloody hard. Often you go out and take other people’s photos. You see them and think it’s good but it’s simply an echo of really good work.

Well here they are any way. I’m getting them out the way before getting to the good photos from the past few weeks.

london-street-6808 london-street-6797 london-street-6794 london-street-6792 london-street-6793 london-street-6798 london-street-6800 london-street-6801 london-street-6804

Calatrava – Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

I love Calatrava’s work in Valencia. It’s bat poop crazy. You’ve got eight different buildings. Each one would be insane on their own but as an entire complex they make up the astounding ‘City of Arts and Sciences’. It’s epic and beautiful.

I originally posted these photos back in 2011 but I wanted to revisit them to correct any lens distortion in them and also tweak the processing. I think these are better.

I also think I’ve developed an actual understanding of my photography in recent months, at least in architectural photography. I like a well designed product, like most things Apple do. A beautiful car. There’s a real beauty in the way something is designed. Thing goes here. Light hits in this way. It just works.

Photographers often talk about finding your voice. I do sort of feel like I’ve glimpsed hints of my architectural voice… maybe. My portraiture voice needs a lot of work. I can’t say why I love portraits but I do. You see a face. You have to photograph it. I can’t really explain it more than that. But architecture fits in with my daily love of design. I worry a lot that I should specialise in something. Focus. Find a niche and an audience to target. But I see a number of photographers I respect who do great architectural work and also great portraits too. Jim Stephenson, McCoy Wynne and Tony Ray-Jones. So its ok to be an architectural / portrait photographer with a passion for street. Isn’t it?

Speaking of Tony Ray-Jones. His show opens at the Walker Art Gallery on 13th Feb. I cannot wait to revisit it.

Anyway. Here’s some photos of a seriously amazing place. I would love to go back with a medium format setup one day. Oh and obligatory SPACESHIP!!!

palau-de-les-arts-reina-sofia-2629 palau-de-les-arts-reina-sofia- ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2594 ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2593 ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2592 ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2590 ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2587 ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2581 ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias- ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2526 ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2471 ciudad-de-las-artes-y-las-ciencias-2469