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A proud fan

A proud fan

As sad an occasion as it was the other day when they played “You’ll never walk alone” everyone stood proud, even those who weren’t born at the time of Hillsborough.

Gift giving Santa

I saw this guy sleeping by Martins Bank off Water Street and one of the charity runners in a Santa suit offered him some food. It must be really hard for people living on the street at this time of year.

Ben Nevis

This is a shot I return to every year, mainly because its so far away that I can’t just nip there and reshoot it. Every time I feel I make it better. There was this version 3 years ago with blown out sky but nice contrast. Then this version last year with HDR to reduce the blown sky issue but left it lacking contrast. Now I’ve done this version. No blown out sky and just enough contrast I think. I really need to go back up there after I get the 5Dm2 and 17-40L. The one thing thats lacking is sharpness. That crisp pin sharp landscape look you would find in Ansel Adams work.

Remembrance Sunday

Meet William Cash, a previous Sergeant Major in the army. He signed up for the army on Renshaw Street and served for 12 years including in WW2. At the age of 86 he came down from Skelmersdale to see the service in Liverpool. The hat he is wearing is his original beret from his time spent in the army.