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Bascule Bridge

About a year ago I was out with friends taking photos around the bascule bridge near the tabaco warehouse in Liverpool. At this point in time it was closed for repairs. We found that the blocked off road had become a mini caravan site. I’ve been learning a lot about travellers recently through friends and they seem like amazing people with a very interesting lifestyle. I couldn’t say for certain whether these people were part of that community or not. What I can say is that it was a shame to see the fries by the dog, the rubbish on the floor and the puddles of vomit.

Millennium Bridge 2

Another London shot from further across Millennium Bridge. I like the classic businessman in the shot, and that the cloud has moved to be more central. The 30D has been sent off to Fixation and I’m hoping to get it back by the end of the week. It’s Easter though so it could be after. I’ve used them before so I know they’ll do a good job. It’s still scary boxing up your favourite toy and handing it over to strangers.

Tower Bridge in London

I assume everyone knows where this is. Yes that’s right, Toronto. Of course its actually London. Just before taking this shot I missed the bridge going up, which was a bit annoying. I need to go back when there’s a dramatic sky and HDR this bridge. I imagine it will look fantastic.

In other news my 30D still isn’t working right. 5 shots then err99. I’ve tried everything. I’ll ring Canon on Monday and discuss things. However after using a Nikon D200 the other day while at the Aperture event I must admit that I am very tempted to swap. I think I’ll get the 30D fixed and look into ebaying it. I reckon I could get enough for my current gear, especially with the 100-400 to get a nice D200 + 10-20 and 24-70. Sure people say they’re noisy but I like that. In a couple of days I could have a NikonD200 category.