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Morning Gloryville Portraits

Portraits 12 Nov 15

Morning Gloryville is an event that takes place on the first Wednesday of the month at Constellations in Liverpool. It’s basically a morning rave from 6:30am till about 10am. A morning rave. Crazy. Constellations is right next to a school so when¬†some kids are wandering into school going “Ugh its too early.” there are people¬†bouncing […]


Liverpool 14 Jul 14

This is *the* new place in the Baltic Triangle. It’s called Constellations and its got to be Liverpool’s first kert. If you don’t know a kert is a type of bar in Budapest. They’re also called ruinpubs as they’re based in run down sites between buildings. I’ve been meaning to blog about them as I […]

Some warehouses

Black-and-White, Old 19 May 07

Not an amazing shot today but one that I feel works. I wish the clouds had more drama to them but they came out a little flatter than expected. Kinda feeling stuck in a rut with photography at the moment. I think its because I’ve HDR’d half of Liverpool now and I’m feeling stuck. Where […]

The Back Streets

Black-and-White, Old 17 May 07

Taken around Greenland Street in Liverpool. The light was all over the shop so I had to HDR it to bring out some foreground detail, and the detail in the sky. In other news it seems that Flickr are saying sorry for deleting rebekka’s post. I can fully understand their reasoning because the comments did […]

A random street

Old 16 May 07

This is just a random street near Greenland St in Liverpool. There’s lots of great places like this around there. In other news there’s been a lot of things going on at Flickr. The short story is that rebekka, one of the top posters there, had her work stolen and sold as someone elses. She […]