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Ghost Ship in Liverpool’s Royal Albert Dock

Commissioned as part of the Tall Ships festival, Ghost Ship is a rather beautiful and clever piece of art by Mihai Baba. You can’t see it unless you stand directly opposite it and when you do a ghostly vision of a ship floats in the dock. It’s very cool and reminds me of the computer interface thing in SeaQuest DSV. Read More

Happy Christmas

Hello there. Well 2014 has been quite a year. I feel like I’ve been through a journey with blogging. I started the year with the idea of bringing Vanilla Days back. I did as Over the Water. I also had an idea of having another blog to write on. Half way through the year I had 4 blogs. Mobile, Over the Water, Little Time Machine and yay.wtf. While on my honeymoon I read the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson. He reminded me that you should focus and declutter. So I came back and did just that. One blog. It’s been going 10 years. It’s Little Time Machine.

This year I’ve photographed major events such as the Liverpool BiennialLiverpool Irish FestivalEveryman re-openingLiverpool International Music FestivalLight NightCraig Charles homecoming show and the amazing return of the Giants.

I was incredibly happy to be asked to help produce a new image library for University of Manchester ranging from portraits of staff and students to photographs of various departments and facilities around the university.

This blog turned 10. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years. It predates twitter and instagram. Back in those days there weren’t many photoblogs around. Now there’s loads. It’s been great to see the community grow and be a part of it. I’ve got plans for the blog in 2015.

In other cool news a portrait I took at Remembrance Sunday was selected by VSCO to be included in their selection of Best Black and White images of 2014.

The real highlight of the year is that in September my fiancé and I were married in Liverpool and spent 2 weeks touring Europe. A week on a beach in Croatia and a couple of photo essays in Venice on washing lines and the selfie stick. What’s a honeymoon without sun, sea and photo essays?

Dusk Light

I don’t know why but I keep taking this same photo year after year. Different lamps, different sunsets.

HMS Bounty at Albert Dock II

Its quite hard to get a ship to really “pop” out from the landscape here, at least thats how I felt. I didn’t want to use colour because the sky was grey and in colour grey is boring and dull. In black and white I felt the ship didn’t really jumped out from the buildings behind. But I decided that the shot needed showing, that colour wasn’t an option and that if I switch off my brain the shot works. I really hate that they’ve closed the bridge at Canning Dock. I could have stood on that and got all the reflection in without the foreground you see in this one. Very annoying. Oh well, best of a bad situation I think.