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I got Texas: The Greatest Hits today, partly to test out me new discman, and partly cos it’s their Greatest hits, with some new ones. And its great, i just love the one were Charleen looks like Elvis, its sooo spooky!

Yeah baby yeah!

Isn’t this just the coolest!! Only one shop near me is selling it soo far, its sooo new. Not even Sony’s website has info on it. I checked on Google and it returned only 11 hits!! This thing is ultra-rare, and I got a good deal on it. ?89 for the latest top of the range Sony Discman. Oh and I got this cos I got my grant cheque :) and I passed my exams, to celebrate.

825 (17k image)

Here’s a better pic :)

h158DEJ825L (36k image)

I rock!

Yey me! I passed last semester! But because the lectureres are on strike, gits, the results haven’t been moderated yet. So I could fail the lot! But that won’t happen, cos I’m ace! :)