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Climbing Mount Snowdon – Going up

Previously on Little Time Machine I prepared for climbing Mount Snowdon. It’s the day of the climb and my wife and I are taking a restful walk around Abersoch. We walk on the beach and take in the view totally unaware that the mountain range […]

Hello 2017

In my final vlog of 2016 I mentioned a 2017 plan. It was this; Instagram daily Blog daily vlog weekly It’s 11th January and this is my first blog post of 2017. Shazbot!  Ok, so what went wrong? Well there’s a few reasons why I […]


I was thinking about acceptance the other day after reading an article by Claire Eastham. Imagine if you could accept who you are, draw strength from your abilities and really make something great? Wouldn’t that be good? Instead we dislike who we are. But then […]

15 days in a gallery

Its been an interesting 2 weeks. Lots of highs and lows. The high points being the start and finish. The low points, weekdays. Weekdays were quiet. You get about 20 people per day. At weekends you get about 20 people per hour. I know next […]