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Walking round London

I’m a Thor sized man and yet whenever I go to London I’m invisible on the pavement. It ashtonishes me just how many times someone walks into me. I am forever moving out of people’s way as they walk towards me. A simple walk around the city is a hassle that leaves me annoyed. Should I be doing all that work? I mean if I don’t move out of people’s way they are likely to get knocked over and this would be a photo essay on the people I’ve accidentally floored.

Honestly, I wish I was the type of person to not even think about this and just plough through. This is one of those things where I wonder if it’s autism or not. Am I hyper aware of everything around me so everything feels like a threat and I’m being hyper-vigilant? Is it me being a photographer noticing too much?

This has happened so many times I decided to try and make it into a photo essay. They say the best way to do street photography is to be invisible, and well apparently I am on the streets of London so here we are.

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A wander round London

Every 6 months or so Sam and I take a trip to London to see some photography exhibitions, art and design, and generally wander the city. It’s a day trip city break. We did this back in July last year. Cheap tickets. Good exhibitions. It’s a simple thing and I’m never bored.

FYI there’s an exhibition on video games coming up at the V&A later this year. I have high hopes for it as it features Journey, The Last of Us and No Man’s Sky (which I really need to return to). We’ll be going down for that and another wander.

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I’ve got a boat load of photos from our travels that I just haven’t properly sorted out yet. Bulgaria was 2013 and I have no idea why I didn’t get around to sorting them. I’ll get to them, soon hopefully. It is interesting looking back though as I see the photos differently with hindsight.

I really enjoyed Bulgaria. We would do an early walk around the island and then spend the day on the beach swimming and sun bathing. It was a good combination of photography and relaxing.

Searching for Spider-man

On a cold winters day my wife and I are walking through Times Square. It’s raining. It’s raining hard. Out of nowhere Spider-man appears, complete with umbrella (??), and asks us to help him take down the Sinister Six using this specially made Statue of Liberty Torch. I can’t say much more than that but lets just say the world owes us a coffee and a good piece of cheesecake.

We kept hoping to bump into Spider-man again but he was very busy rescuing cats from trees because Superman is a big dull dud and doesn’t do that anymore. Every time he swung by I was only able to photograph the reaction of the fans and not him. He’s fast. But we did see him and War Machine going for coffee so that was nice.

There was a guy on the subway who we thought may have been Spider-man but figured he probably wouldn’t have been obvious and would have just sat down. You never know though. Hiding in plain sight and all that.

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