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New Brighton Remembrance Service

I’ve documented the Remembrance Service for many years. This year it was cold, wet and windy on New Brighton promenade. I wasn’t sure how many people would come out in such conditions but it was a busy service. People were here to pay respects for […]

Hanging out in Venice

The first time I was in Venice I noticed how odd it was that everyone hung their washing out over the street. It was certainly pretty to look at but just odd. Here in the UK we put our washing in our back yard hidden away […]

2 days at Tebay Service Station

Service stations. They’re all the same right? You leave the confines of the mundane motorway to arrive at the confines of bad brands pushing bad coffee, bad burgers and a general bad attempt at being refreshed for the continuing journey ahead. On our way up north […]

Selfie Center

2 years ago I visited Venice. So many people had big DSLRs and I was loving the small Fuji X100 at the time. 2 years later and people still have big cameras but also selfie sticks. People seriously walk around with their phone in a selfie […]

Black Pearl of New Brighton

The driftwood pirate ship of New Brighton

At the start of this year a pirate ship sailed into New Brighton. The first in many a year. This is a very unique pirate ship. It came in on a high tide in bits and pieces. Driftwood for the most part, but also rope, […]

Thatcher Funeral Party in Liverpool

When I arrived there was a decent sized crowd of people at St Georges Hall. Music playing, champagne and beer being drunk, and lots of cheering. There were people dressed as miners and one woman dressed as Thatcher. When she posed dead on the ground […]