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New York Diary – Day 3

Our 3rd day in NYC and it’s Christmas. We wake up to a beautiful crisp winter morning with the light bouncing off buildings and the brown tones of Central Park’s trees. As a treat we have room service for breakfast. It’s expensive but it is Christmas morning and we’re opting for a simple day. It’s my first Christmas without parents. At 38 when you’ve spent the past 10 years wondering if this would be their last Christmas and then it is… It’s just never the same again. It was a magical time that my parents gifted me with as a child. Now? This is why we are in NYC. I’m not dealing with what Christmas is any more this year. This year we’re exploring New York. I’m taking in the view and it’s an amazing view.

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NYC Diary – Day 2

Christmas Eve. New York City. Our first full day in the Big Apple. We spent time getting our bearings and exploring a few blocks around the hotel. It didn’t help that it was raining. We wanted to explore but man was it raining.

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NYC Diary Day 1

It’s 2016. My dad recently died. My first cat, my first real pet away from home just died. We decide to spend Christmas in New York because I want to get far away from traditional Christmas. Our flights were with IcelandAir which lets you stop off in Iceland at no extra ticket cost which we do on our way back for a couple of days. Spoiler alert Best way to avoid jet lag ever. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Dec 23rd. We fly to Iceland where we change planes and fly to NYC at night. Iceland is beautiful at dusk. It was snowing and even before we got to NYC we were super excited about visiting Iceland in the snow on our return. We switched planes which meant getting off the warm plane and out into the cold snowy emptiness of Iceland. Some poor kids who were going to Florida and were clearly dressed for it had to get off the plane in shorts and a t-shirt.

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Editing NYC

Editing photos from New York is hard. I'm trying to find the good street photos in there but it's sort of hard work separating them from the bad ones. The ones where nothing is happening but the light is nice and the backdrop is NYC. It's like eating a spoon full of cornflakes and then having a chocolate bar right after. Every photo has the chocolate bar in.Read More