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Leica Update

I own 3 Leica cameras. I bought my first in 2010. A Leica M6 film camera with everything you need on it. It has a built in light meter, interchangeable lens system and shoots lovely lovely film. I bought it because it won’t age so in 30 years time I’ll still be learning from it whereas everything else will be virtual reality drone cameras. I’m not very good with this camera. I guess I simply don’t know how to really use it so I use it like a digital camera. The results are bad because the way I use digital is to take a photo and then correct my mistake. Read More

The first week with my Leica m240

I didn’t blog about this last year because I didn’t really blog much last year. I was busy rebuilding my house. But anyway. Back in July 2017 I bought a Leica m240 with a 35 and a 50mm lens. I felt that I’d reached a point where I understood why I wanted one. The Leica M10 made me trust that Leica would continue making cameras like this for the rest of my life. I wanted a simple uncomplicated camera for daily and travel use that would be with me for my life. It’s a camera system that I can switch between film and digital too. I think it’s a fantastic (and stupidly expensive) setup. I use it like an analogue camera with an optical not digital viewfinder and full manual controls.

I’m still learning. It’s hard work. I’ve got a video in the works on where I’m at with this camera but for now here’s where I was. Read More

Camera gear

I should be on a train right now heading to Birmingham with friends to play with camera gear. I’m not. Instead I’ve been for a run and I’m thinking about cameras. I don’t want to be thinking about cameras. I want to be thinking about things to point cameras at.Read More

My Leica M6

I finally got around to buying, well more like affording a Leica. I went for the M6 as its got all the features I need and  I love the design.Read More