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Lakes Alive 2017

Last year I was commissioned to photograph the Lakes Alive festival in Kendal. It’s this lovely little weekend event around the Lake District town of Kendal. There’s evening light installations, climbs up to the castle for the view and more art, and a whole series of fun family events in the town. It’s like a mini version of Light Night.

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Liverpool for Wizz Air Magazine

Last year I was commissioned by Wizz Air Magazine to produce a series of photographs to go with an article on the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. It was a fun couple of days going to places I often go but meeting new people and having interesting conversations. There’s also the challenge of trying to create a new image of something you know so well. 

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I’ve sat here for an hour now looking for inspiration. It’s not happening. Or is it???? No. No it’s not. But let me tell you about my day.

Today I went shopping for a hanging basket. My dad was the king of hanging baskets. I never once asked for his advice on them. Now I need to and I can’t. It’s getting to the time of year where I notice the same steps repeating themselves. The same steps that led to his death. Every year I’m reminded of the path that took me to his death. So this year I’m trying something new which is to make a hanging basket so that maybe by the time the anniversary of his death comes around I’ll have a nicer thought in my head on that day rather than a sad one. “Hey dad. I made this. You’d like it.” It’s a work in progress.

Lead image is nothing related to anything other than it’s a church and it’s a religious time of year so enjoy :)

Searching for Spider-man

On a cold winters day my wife and I are walking through Times Square. It’s raining. It’s raining hard. Out of nowhere Spider-man appears, complete with umbrella (??), and asks us to help him take down the Sinister Six using this specially made Statue of Liberty Torch. I can’t say much more than that but lets just say the world owes us a coffee and a good piece of cheesecake.

We kept hoping to bump into Spider-man again but he was very busy rescuing cats from trees because Superman is a big dull dud and doesn’t do that anymore. Every time he swung by I was only able to photograph the reaction of the fans and not him. He’s fast. But we did see him and War Machine going for coffee so that was nice.

There was a guy on the subway who we thought may have been Spider-man but figured he probably wouldn’t have been obvious and would have just sat down. You never know though. Hiding in plain sight and all that.

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Photograph today

I’m currently building a new portfolio website to show off the best of what I’ve done over the past 10 years. While searching for images I found the one above and it got me thinking. This is from my dad’s house after he died. All I have is this photo now. I have nothing in that photo except of course myself and I look like some ghostly figure passing through someones life. I’m not there anymore. I’m here now. His life isn’t accessible to me anymore. It’s an odd photo but I’m glad I have this. I’m glad that who I am as a photographer means I’m very aware about the fleeting nature of of our lives, that one day its all gone and it is important to both be in the now and to document it… If that is even possible? I certainly try.

I have a whole series of photos of my parents. A ‘series’. That’s an odd thing to consider that their lives are now personal work to me. Cataloged in Lightroom. Archived for an exhibition one day. Gosh that sounds so absurd. One day all my parents might be is a URL on my website. That doesn’t seem right. I should really gather everything together and produce a book for me. A complete family album.

Anyway. Just remember its important to photograph the bad as much as the good. It’ll be gone one day.

Bongos Bingo

Recently I was commissioned by Grazia to photograph an event at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool. The event is called Bongo’s Bingo and it’s bingo but not as you know.

The idea is you play bingo a bit as you’d expect but the prizes vary from giant teddy bears to boxes of Coco-pops. Every so often music kicks in and everyone dances. I’m making it sound tame. It’s just bingo with 90s music. It’s really not tame. It’s absolutely bonkers and a real assault on the senses. I had a migraine by the end of the night and could hardly see out of one eye. I’ve never had that from covering an event before. It’s proper bonkers.

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