Author: cyKey


:\\ theman [ petemc ] has a few small updates today. The addition of a webcam page, with a remote viewing window. The forum as you may or may not know about, where you can post messages about how good this site is ;). The psr pics are now in the general pics section, to save space on the nav bar. And there’s also the winamp info at the bottom of each page now. With a link to my Shoutcast server, so you can listen to what i’m listening to. Neato…

It’s just one of those weeks…BITE ME!!

Great. How great. My site is in a coma. the|ecronom -[ your daily supply of vitiman g ]- I can’t contact it. I can’t get my email. The 1,000 visitors a day cannot read the news they expect to be there. The host has gone bust, so I can’t really contact them. Not that I used to be able to. The company taking them over has no clue as to whats going on. Ever had one of those days…3 so far. There’s a chance that I can change the dns, but that might take a week. FSCK!!!! 1 WEEK. I HAVE TO REVISE AND SIT THROUGH 2 EXAMS while my site dies. My only comfort at the mo, Limp Bizkit & Linkin Park very very loud.

splash 2.0

pete|mc – [2.0] – yes a new splash page. Now I know some people hate splash pages, but I like em. I’m not into the boring “Welcome to my site ones” so mine has a point. There are various pictures on it, that you can scroll through and eventaully store your favourite one so when you come back your fav will load. The splash page also has a list of the top pages on the site, so it’s got that going for it :) My current fav pic