Month: December 2015

Christmas Prints

It’s Christmas soon and it’ll be Christmas again next year so you’re either just in time to get a print now or be super prepared for 2016. Either way I’ve got a print sale on. I’ve made two galleries just with Christmas ideas for you to browse as I’ve got a lot of photos. For the local crowd there’s a Liverpool themed gallery and there’s also a travel themed gallery with Iceland, Amsterdam and other places in.

Using the code: XMAS2017 you can save 10% off prints on my store till Jan 6th. So if you get cash for Christmas you can use it on prints.Read More

An afternoon in London

A week ago I was in London where I visited the Alec Soth exhibition at Media Space London which really got me thinking so I went for a walk. Here be photos. Thoughts on Thursday as I’m still processing them.

london-street-8025-pete-carr london-street-8094-pete-carr london-street-8059-pete-carr london-street-8049-pete-carr london-street-8032-pete-carr london-street-8022-pete-carr london-street-8012-pete-carr