Month: November 2015

Amsterdam is crazy – NSFW

So this year we visited Amsterdam. I loved it. Every single day we some something bat poop crazy. As an industry standard British man it was kinda eye opening how casual the place was. Sex shops presented their wares like having a pneumatic dildo window display wasn’t insanely insane.

We saw a man walking round dressed in baby gear at 4pm on a Monday. I don’t have the foggiest idea why. Kids were body boarding in the canals being dragged by a boat. People transported anything they could get their hands on via bike. Planks of wood? Sure why not. I saw a man having an early morning Saturday rave in his living room in front of everyone passing by.

Then there’s the Red Light District. That place is just unreal. You’ve got tourists there like its Venice but with women shaking their wobbly bits and then banging on the window like some trapped mime when they see a camera. We stumbled into a sort of Thai massage street one Sunday looking for the cat rescue boat, de Pozen Boat. It was Sunday day time and we thought we were a few canals over from the Red Light District. Suddenly a large angry woman in her underwear is shouting at me for taking photos of buildings. Looking around we noticed lots of red curtained windows. Where the fudge where we?! Man, it was crazy town banana pants. Kids were walking by with their parents because it was a lovely Sunday morning. What is going on!?

Honestly, Amsterdam was huge fun because it was bonkers.

amsterdam-netherlands-2360-pete-carr Amsterdam-2375-pete-carr amsterdam-netherlands-2539-pete-carr amsterdam-6639-pete-carr amsterdam-3497-pete-carr amsterdam-3076-pete-carr amsterdam-2488-pete-carr amsterdam-3322-pete-carr amsterdam-3407-pete-carr amsterdam-3182-pete-carr amsterdam-3052-pete-carr amsterdam-2694-pete-carr amsterdam-2556-pete-carr amsterdam-6673-pete-carr amsterdam-3412-pete-carr amsterdam-3409-pete-carr amsterdam-2785-pete-carr amsterdam-2778-pete-carr amsterdam-3460-pete-carr

Pezo von Ellrichshausen in London

As part of the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy in London the Chilean company Pezo von Ellrichshausen created a beautiful wooden installation that you could climb up to get closer to the wonderful ceiling. It was huge and really had presence in that room but when you were on top it’s all about enjoying the details in the room its taken over.

Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0663 Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0664 Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0665 Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0666 Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0667 Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0671 Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0674 Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0687 Pezo-von-Ellrichshausen-london-0690

Poppies: Weeping Window at St Georges Hall

The Weeping Window is a small scale version of the Poppies that were featured at the Tower of London earlier this year. While it’s on a smaller scale it’s still incredibly beautiful and moving, especially at dusk. The way the colour of the poppies compliments and also contrasts with the stone of St Georges Hall. It’s stunning.

The display is on until 17 January, 2016.

poppies-st-georges-hall-liverpool-3128-pete-carr poppies-st-georges-hall-liverpool--pete-carr poppies-st-georges-hall-liverpool-3140-pete-carr poppies-st-georges-hall-liverpool--3-pete-carr poppies-st-georges-hall-liverpool-3176-pete-carr poppies-st-georges-hall-liverpool-3180-pete-carr poppies-st-georges-hall-liverpool-3175-pete-carr poppies-st-georges-hall-liverpool-3135-pete-carr

Iceland Architecture

I found the architecture in Iceland quite interesting. Reykjavik had some taller modern buildings going up by the ports but the traditional style seemed to be corrugated boxes with pointy roofs. I really liked the look. The cathedral was of course stunning. Iceland has a very Nordic feel to it with all the churches on the hillsides.

When you got out of Reykjavik the smaller towns felt quite American / Alaskan. There was no McDonalds but they had a Taco Bell. It’s a European country but it really felt American at times, in the smaller towns anyway.

Once you got away from the towns it was just vast landscape and farms. Tiny buildings. Epic vistas. Out of the city on the side of a mountain and the buildings were not very tall but quite wide to compensate. I guess they’re low to allow the wind to pass over them as efficiently as possible.

Oh and wheelie bins. Surreal seeing them.

reykjavik-iceland-3631-pete-carrReykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik, Iceland iceland-4002-pete-carr DSC_4127-pete-carr South Coast of Iceland South Coast of Iceland South Coast of Iceland South Coast of Iceland South Coast of Iceland iceland-5077-pete-carr

Morning Gloryville Portraits

Morning Gloryville is an event that takes place on the first Wednesday of the month at Constellations in Liverpool. It’s basically a morning rave from 6:30am till about 10am. A morning rave. Crazy. Constellations is right next to a school so when some kids are wandering into school going “Ugh its too early.” there are people bouncing out of a rave filled with more energy than your average star. It’s a great contrast.

I was too young for raving as it developed in the early 90s. I do remember my cousins talking about places like the Paradox. I didn’t get it. I was perfectly content playing Elite 2: Frontier and Street Fighter 2 on my Amiga. I missed out on raving the night away and photographing it all.

I thought it would be interesting to photograph people as they came out after the early morning rave. Everyone was absolutely buzzing with energy and positivity. It was fantastic. I’ve never been hugged so much. The positive energy was infectious.

Morning Gloryville recently celebrated its first birthday. Happy birthday :)

morning-gloryville-portraits-5863-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5941-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5910-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5921-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5913-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5940-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5883-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5939-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5858-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5851-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5934-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5927-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5922-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5917-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5899-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5871-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5866-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5855-pete-carr morning-gloryville-portraits-5844-pete-carr

New Brighton Remembrance Service

I’ve documented the Remembrance Service for many years. This year it was cold, wet and windy on New Brighton promenade. I wasn’t sure how many people would come out in such conditions but it was a busy service. People were here to pay respects for lives lost.

I saw a dog in the corner of my eye. His owner gave him a pat on the back and a smile. I looked around and saw another man sheltering his dog from the wind. The poor thing was shivering. Beyond that I saw people talking, shaking hands and doing the unexpected. Smiling. People were smiling on this cold, wet, windy November day at the Remembrance Service. It’s not an aspect you ever see on the TV or in the paper, not that I’ve seen anyway. It’s a somber event to pay respects and yet people were smiling.

They were smiling because they were telling stories, sharing moments and meeting for the first time in a while. They were playing with their kids and stroking their dogs. I reminded myself why I was here and what I do so I took some photos because at the end of the day people have died so we could go out in the cold with our families and our dogs to smile with friends.

remembrance-sunday-new-brighton-7894-pete-carr remembrance-sunday-new-brighton-7899-pete-carr remembrance-sunday-new-brighton-7909-pete-carr remembrance-sunday-new-brighton-7902-pete-carr remembrance-sunday-new-brighton-7915-pete-carr remembrance-sunday-new-brighton-7924-pete-carr remembrance-sunday-new-brighton-7961-pete-carr