Palm House in Sefton Park

Uncategorized 18 Jan 11

I’m sure the Palm House lights up. Unfortunately it didn’t appear to while I was there specifically to photograph it lit up at dusk. Still, I like this photo of it but I will be back.

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  1. Mark McGowan says on 18 Jan 11

    I think it’s only lit till a certain time unless there’s an event on – I’ve been there myself waiting for dusk when they’ve turned the lights off, it’s a bit of a pisser as when there’s an event on there’s always loads of cars outside…

    Cost saving initiative presumably!

  2. Matt says on 18 Jan 11

    They’ve got rows of lights on the gantry. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot from up there at a wedding. Looks great when it is.

  3. Elizabeth-anne Williams says on 19 Jan 11

    Yes, we only have the main lights on during setup and take down, otherwise lights are turned down for atmosphere if there is a function on or the LED energy saving lights are used overnight when there is no event on.

  4. Pete Carr says on 19 Jan 11

    Ah right. Thanks for the info Elizabeth-anne. I’ll have to catch it when there’s an event on.

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