Sunrise over the Mersey 2

Merry Christmas everyone. I got a Leica M9.

8 comments on “Sunrise over the Mersey 2

  1. p3dro

    @petemc Nice shot, mate. But I’m not getting fooled twice by your M9 link :p

    • @p3dro heh :D i think some may have been. probably didn’t click it.

  2. cjmagee

    @petemc now that is stunning

  3. Well done on making the Photoblog awards best photos of 2010 list with this shot :)

  4. Just lovely. The composition is perfection!

  5. wow. lovely… i so want an M9! Nice one.

  6. wow,absolute beauty…
    i have found this on best photos on cool blog awards.congrats for that.

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