Birkenhead Docks

Uncategorized 29 Dec 10

The whole dock area around Birkenhead is on the cusp of redevelopment. These buildings may look like empty old dockside warehouses but they are modern apartments. This is whats going to happen as the company that owns the land, Peel Holdings, have a huge plan to redevelop it all.

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  1. Kevin P. says on 1 Jan 11

    Une belle photographie avec un traitement B&W tout en finesse. Bravo pour ce super job !

  2. Hugh says on 18 Jan 11

    Reminds me of a tour of Leningrad I once did. Yeah I know its not called Leningrad anymore, but it was when I was there. And it looked a bit like those appartment blocks, cept there wasn’t snow on the ground.

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