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The Louvre

I recently went to Paris and fell in love with the Louvre. Its simply stunning. Classic architecture mixed with modern in such a graceful way, amazing. So many angles to play with. I ran out of dusk light. Even this shot was pushing it.

In other news I’ve recently launched my new photography portfolio which is filled with lots of new photos that I haven’t shown the world yet. Do stop by and have a look around. I’ll be opening up other galleries on the site over the week. There’s plenty more to come.

7 comments on “The Louvre

  1. drunktankphoto

    @petemc That is a simply stunning shot Pete. Looking forward to a good browse through the new site.

    • @drunktankphoto cheers :) Its an amazing place to photograph. so lucky to get a nice night. tho i’d love it rainy too for reflections

  2. danielmking

    RT @petemc: Photoblogged: The Louvre… #paris #photography

  3. CJDorman

    RT @petemc: Photoblogged: The Louvre… #paris #photography

  4. Stunning – I love it!

    I didn’t get around to visiting the Louvre when I was in Paris a few years ago, but it will be top of the list for next time.

    By the way, your portfolio site titles aren’t rendering very well on IE7

  5. I especially love your night work. Just beautiful.

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