Month: September 2010

Touch and Go by Cristina Lucas

A fun installation inside the Scandinavian Hotel I showed you yesterday. To the right of this photo there is a video playing. Its very simple. People throw stones at the windows of this building. Its hilarious though. The comedy music, the cheeky old woman throwing a brick, the guy with a shotgun and the dad asking his son for his slingshot.

I enjoyed being inside the building too. Its oddly clean considering the number of years its been left abandoned. The posts look freshly painted. I don’t know if they have been for the Biennial or not.

Flame Test

This is a great building and like a lot of great buildings in Liverpool it sits unused. So its great to see an artist make people stop and look at it. Will Kwan has created an installation of 36 banners made up of photos of burning flags.

Think about your future

An interesting message here. “Think about your future.” Its as if the building is saying “Don’t end up like me.” Its in a grotty collection of buildings, run down, old, unused, a relic of days gone by. A shame.