The Great Court inside the British Museum

Uncategorized 20 May 10

This is the Great Court inside the British Museum. I’ve wanted to visit this for years as it is quite amazing. Annoyingly there isn’t really room for being unique. The view port on the 3rd floor lets about 4 people poke their camera out it for a shot. This is the shot.

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  1. Ray Philson says on 21 May 10

    Wow. As u say this is a familiar shot but you’ve done yourself proud. Great processing.

  2. Martin Greaney says on 22 May 10

    Brilliant! I’ve been here quite a few times now, but never been to this viewpoint. You’ve brought out a symmetry you can’t really feel from the ground floor (when you’re rushing head-down to a theatre in the basement! ;) )

  3. djib says on 24 May 10

    I love the exposure and the composition. Great work!

  4. Robin Whalley says on 26 May 10

    It may not be original but it’s a great shot and don’t you think it was inspired planning to put a view port at this point?

  5. David J Colbran says on 27 May 10

    Great shot Pete. One of my favourite places to hang out in central London – i used to work around the corner from the Museum at the Universoty of London and spent many lunch-hours in here.

  6. Joanna says on 29 May 10

    Wow, I love the way the ceiling fans over the round staircases. Great composition and capture of livelihood in the museum.

  7. Martin says on 16 Jul 10

    WOW! This is simply amazing. I have been there loads of times and it never would have occured to me to take this shot and post process it as you have done.

    I think the photo is a good lesson that there is always a shot if only you can see it.

    Great composition, great post processing, amazing shot! Well done, indeed. This is very inspiring.

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