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Liverpool One Wheel

Liverpool One Wheel

The Liverpool One wheel closed on Sunday. According to the Echo a new one is set to open shortly near to the Echo Arena. The wheel changed the landscape of Liverpool while it was here. Every time I drove down the Strand at night I’d see it reflected in One Park West in a sort of broken mirror style. I really do like it when something you take for granted is changed allowing a fresh take on the world. As you can see in this image of the classic Liverpool skyline its different now due to the wheel.

9 comments on “Liverpool One Wheel

  1. Oh man, tremendous control of the white balance! These night colours are stunning (I get a bit fed up with seeing over warm colours in folks night photography.)

  2. Truly stunning. What a beautiful city.

  3. This is so incredibly breathtaking! The colors reflecting off the water are beautiful. I wish I were there now!

  4. Fantastic nightshot Pete, brilliant colors and great capture.

  5. Beautiful shot. (no need to say anymore).

  6. EXCELLENT !!!

  7. The colours are superb. Fine shot.

  8. This is just so beautiful!

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