Chinese Archway in Liverpool

Chinese Archway in Liverpool

Last weekend was the Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Tiger. This weekend sees Chinatown in Liverpool light up with celebrations. This is the largest Chinese arch outside of China and was brought here from China 10 years ago.

7 comments on “Chinese Archway in Liverpool

  1. Such an expansive light… Amazing colors as well…

  2. Such beautiful colors. You always get the best out of your shots

  3. Loving the larger photograph sizes Pete, they seem to allign to the right on my mac running chrome at the mo. Thought I’d let you know. Great shot I was down there myself CNY and with the light as it was yesterday this photograph pops!

  4. Lovely as usual. I’ve been following your work for a while now via rss – felt compelled to vote for your site on the 2010 awards site today.

  5. Awesome photo. The colors are mind blowing.

  6. wow! spectacular image. the colors are really quite exquisite. bravo!

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