Snow day – III

Architecture 8 Jan 10

Snow day - III

Its not often that I walk around this area but with the snow I had to go up to Falkner Square and take some photos. Along the way I saw this stunning view with the Anglican Cathedral in the background.

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  1. Phil says on 8 Jan 10

    Deja Vu. I can remember walking to John Mills on Hope St along streets like this in the 60s. Has a real old fashioned look. Black and White can really be called “vintage”.

  2. Pete says on 8 Jan 10

    Yeah the street hasn’t really changed over the years. The cars give it away. I personally don’t use black and white for a “vintage” feel. I know some people do. Sepia so it looks old fashioned or black and white so its got that old film look. Nah thats not what I believe in. For me black and white is all about light and shadow, the contrast between the two. It works well here because of the amount of white contrasting with the buildings. I use it like any technique simply to show people what I saw.

  3. HoBo says on 8 Jan 10

    Phil, small world. I used to work for John Mills (now Mills Media) in the early 2000’s.

    Definitely has a timeless feel to it. Great viewpoint of the Anglican Cathedral.

  4. Si Hawkings says on 8 Jan 10

    Hey Pete, I’m loving your snowy shots – the sharpness and high contrast really makes them feel almost like etchings. Very nice indeed! :D

  5. Hellag says on 8 Jan 10

    Well, I like it! this one seems “vintage”, and old picture and is a way to show, we always can choose

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