Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool

Old 20 Oct 09

Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool

Awesome morning so far. No rain, windy and oddly not that cold. Been flying around in a helicopter photographing the arrival of the Queen Mary 2 in Liverpool. The biggest cruise ship to ever grace the Liverpool skyline. Amazing sight from up there as I’m sure you can tell.

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  1. milou says on 20 Oct 09

    That sounds very casual – ‘been flying around in a helicopter’! QE2 suckling its young. (Grand city vista too).

  2. The Janner says on 20 Oct 09

    Lucky you! All in a days work eh! Very nice aerial shot – great colours!

  3. Bert says on 20 Oct 09

    Stunning photo. Thanks for posting Pete.

  4. Stuart Ian Burns says on 20 Oct 09

    It was you! I looked up and saw the helicopter. Trust you to offer such a wonderful areal view. I’ll be one of the dots.

  5. Tony says on 21 Oct 09

    It was a challenging cold day and difficult to find a good position on the Liverpool side. Great image this. I wondered who was in the helicopter whilst it flew up and down. I also wondered what it would have been like from the top of the cathedral at dusk.

  6. George Jones says on 21 Oct 09

    You must be minted Pete?…always flying around the Liverpool skyline when something interesting docks ha ha!

    Fantastic photo mate…a really great view.

  7. Phil says on 21 Oct 09

    Very impressive, I remember doing photographs of the arrival of the QE2 on her first visit to Liverpool in 19hundredandfrozentodeath, well a long time ago. So popular was the arrival photogs were limited to a 20 minute fly past in a Cessna, that many had requested flights. I can not help but think that more people would have turned out if the Queen Mary had arrived in July. Great Photograph.

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