Hope Street at dusk

Old 2 Oct 09

Hope Street at dusk

Liverpool’s two cathedrals are joined together by Hope Street, which is the golden strip of road you can see leading up to the Metropolitan Cathedral in the distance. Amazing view from the Anglican Cathedral. This, like yesterdays, is a 7 exposure HDR just so I had all the detail I wanted without any noise in the shadows and such.

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  1. Drunk Tank says on 3 Oct 09

    Terrific. Love the detail in the buildings centre/left. Well done.

    • Pete says on 3 Oct 09

      Handhold at dusk for 7 frames?! No way. Some exposures were a few seconds.

  2. Neil Holmes says on 3 Oct 09

    Thanks for that Pete, I think I’d read someware on your site you have sucessfully shot HDR handheld, (shorter exposures) I just thought I might be missing a trick!

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