Ian Jackson

Black-and-White, Portraits 7 Sep 09

Ian Jackson

Some of you may already know Ian Jackson of Art in Liverpool fame. Ian and his wife Minako visit every arty thing in the city and blog about it. Without a doubt they’ve done more to publicise events in the city than anything else over the past few years. Great guys. This was taken at St Lukes where the Fab Collective’s exhibition ‘Up to something’ has just finished. I’m incredibly sad to see it go as the past month has been amazing. St Lukes closes in about 2 weeks so make the most of it. Grab your lunch and stop by between 12-4pm Thurs-Sun. Chill with the music provided by Ambrose from Urban Strawberry Lunch. He’s got an awesome eclectic taste in music. Don’t just wander round for 5 mins. Sit and enjoy lunch there. Really take it in because its a really incredible place to spend some time. The Fab Collective will be back there next year with a new project you can count on it.

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  1. Dom Conlon says on 7 Sep 09

    Yet another great piece. Iconic. The kind of imagery I’d want around my house or as part of an ad campaign.

    Great work Pete.

  2. Sam Knowd says on 7 Sep 09

    Another fabulous shot, think I’d better find my way to Ian and Minako’s blog too….

  3. George Jones says on 8 Sep 09

    Excellent photo of my old mate Ian…Very impressive, I hope you’ve got this up in your flat Ian?

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