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Ferry cross the Mersey

Ferry cross the Mersey

What a way to start the day. My walks are allowing me to explore Liverpool in ways I couldn’t previously. At least I couldn’t every day.

5 comments on “Ferry cross the Mersey

  1. Great work. I can’t actually believe that I’ve lived in Liverpool for nearly 6 years and have yet to get a ferry across the Mersey.

    The way you’ve processed this makes it look as though it was taken under moonlight. Brilliant overall effect.

  2. Get on that ferry! Take a nice river cruise in during the day. Its great. I can’t wait for the light to start changing so it’ll be dusk on the ferry, if that happens. I’m not entirely sure. Would be great to be on a ferry at dusk using a 50mm to get candids.

  3. Russell

    Absolutely love that shot.

  4. Pete, Great photo,nice composition. Your work makes me think about the city in a whole new way. Thanks, Anthony

  5. Yeah, love the processing, gives it a moonlight midnight ferry crossing feel.

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