Crown Princess in Liverpool

Old 1 Jul 09

Crown Princess in Liverpool

On a very hot Monday morning Crown Princess, the biggest liner to visit Liverpool, arrived in town. She docked around 6:30-7am and the sun came out to welcome the new visitors. Its a very big ship. Bigger than Grand Princess last year but they’re so big its hard to tell the difference. The only real thing I spotted was Crown Princess doesn’t have a giant handle on the back like Grand Princess does.

Around lunch time I went up in a small plane to get shots. Very tricky stuff. I forgot how bouncy the plane was. Its complete luck if you get a good shot as the turbulence is so random. We got very low at this point as you can see. So low in fact that Lee could take this photo.

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  1. Thom Shannon says on 1 Jul 09

    That’s great, photos from the ground just can’t show the size. I hadn’t realised quite how big these ships were.

  2. Emmett says on 2 Jul 09

    Wow, amazing shot Pete. Great capture of the city and ship.

  3. George Jones says on 2 Jul 09

    Excellent shot Pete, It really does show the scale of the thing.

  4. Ian Fergie says on 25 Feb 10

    What a superb picture and what a real pleasure to sail into our home city of Liverpool. We were on this cruise with lots and lots of Americans who just adored the place!

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