Collapsed crane and pyjamas

Collapsed crane and pyjamas

A crane collapses in Liverpool and the ever fashion concious kids turn up wearing the latest trends, pyjamas.

4 comments on “Collapsed crane and pyjamas

  1. Great shot Pete. Good to see Liverpool “fashion” is as humorous as ever.

  2. Our girls are truly stunning aren’t they.
    Spend hours getting ready for a night out and have to look perfec,t yet insist on going to Asda in Jarmies the rest of the time!

  3. She looks like she’s about to nut him.

  4. Great shot. Very unorthodox, yet it worked very well! I love the collapsing crane in the background and how the group of people are totally unaware of it, as if it was another insect buzzing by…

    The colour contrast, out of focus and the breaking of lines of the crane work very well in this photograph (as well as the odd position of it within the frame). I love the composition!

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