New ferry terminal

Old 14 Jun 09

New ferry terminal

The new ferry terminal in Liverpool. Kinda cool building to photograph. Angular fun. In other news I plan to release an updated version of my hdr guide. The current one is a few years old and a bit badly written. So there’ll be a much better one in a few days. No, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the book. Trust me, the book is very much worth it.

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  1. Ryan Rahn says on 15 Jun 09

    Wow, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such amazingly peculiar angles! This works well as a black and white too – good dramatic contrast.

  2. kathy hitesman says on 15 Jun 09

    Been enjoying “Vanilla Days” each morning and have advised others to as well! Just ordered your book! Thanks, Pete!

  3. Jas Fagan says on 15 Jun 09

    Another masterpiece Pete! Glad to see the book released, will be ordering this week. Well done as I know how hard it’s been for you to finish the book.. Im sure the hard work was worth it.


  4. David H-W says on 16 Jun 09

    What a fabulous building – great to see that we still have the courage somewhere in the country to build exciting and different structures (noting the spat between Lord Rogers and Prince Charles!). Some excellent contrast here too.

  5. ryan says on 16 Jun 09

    I think i’ll stick to your old guide your old hdr’s are much better than your newer ones.

  6. Pete says on 16 Jun 09

    Heh. Well the tone mapping settings are no different. The structure of the guide is better. So by sticking with the old you’re going with the new :p Its the steps after in Lightroom that you dislike :)

  7. ryan says on 16 Jun 09

    Either way your old stuff is much better imho

  8. Mark Lea says on 21 Jun 09

    Pete, the b+w is the perfect choice for this. Nice one.

    How dare you use different settings. ;)

  9. LwS says on 22 Jun 09

    Stunning image – great processing of this incredible loloking building.

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