Roller Girl

Liverpool 3 May 09

Roller Girl

One of the growing fashion trends in Liverpool is this, the wearing of rollers in your hair. I’m an observant chap but I don’t think I saw this at all last year. I’m sure this thing has just appeared in the past few months. Combine this with the girls who wear pj’s and you’ve got some very unusual fashion trends in the city.

I took this photo as part of a project for a new photography group called the Fab Collective. Our site has just gone live and Saturday was our first time out. Street portraits was the name of the game. It was also a real test of my new 85mm which is really the business.

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  1. timdp says on 4 May 09

    Does this look get combined with previous fads of Reebok classics, pyjama bottoms, shell suits, or leatherette gloves? Or possibly all of the above? Liverpool “fashion” has always baffled me.

  2. Pete says on 4 May 09

    I’ve yet to see a pj & roller combo but all the people on Flickr are on the watch for it.

  3. Laurie says on 4 May 09

    LOL…love the colors. I’ve seen the PJ’s as daywear, especially on college campuses, but not the roller look around here.

  4. Betsy Barron says on 5 May 09

    Title is hysterical – so, she just walks around town like this? I now must keep my eyes peeled for such a sight.. great PP also.. enjoy the 85.. inspire me to get mine out, please!

  5. Dennis says on 5 May 09

    Amazing sight, I have to say… Haven’t seen anything like this (yet) here in Amsterdam but who knows, good ‘ole Mersey Side is starting a new trend??

    BTW: tell us more about your 85mm! Did you go for the F 1.8 or did you dosh out all your money for the “magic” F1.4 (fan-tas-tic creamy bokeh)?

  6. Dennis says on 5 May 09

    oops, missed your previous picture! Please delete my last remark of the previous post!

  7. Claus says on 5 May 09

    What a nice look, I guess she’s starting a new trend ;-)

  8. Joanna says on 7 May 09

    haha, cool trend…I mean, it reminds me rather of elderly ladies than hot chicks ;)

  9. david says on 18 Jun 09

    roller Girls a hot chick very sexey and as i am a hairdresser i would love to give her a perm and set anytime love dave

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