Iron Man

Old 25 Apr 09

Iron Man

One of Anthony Gormley’s Ironmen on Crosby beach. Just playing around with a single flash to see whats what.

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  1. Nicki says on 25 Apr 09

    Great motive – but a little bit to much noise? ;)

  2. Pete says on 25 Apr 09

    Perhaps. Something that can easily be fixed :)

  3. Mike says on 25 Apr 09

    Love this. An extremely strong image. I don’t mind a little noise here. It evens out the image… the statue has it built in anyway. I might even try a texture over the whole thing. Anyway.. very VERY nice exactly as-is.

  4. Nicki says on 26 Apr 09

    That’s art – it’s on your own … fits to that shot.

  5. Jim G says on 26 Apr 09

    You have a great eye, thanks for sharing this picture!

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